The U.S. is halfway to Paris

A new report launched during Climate Week NYC shows that the U.S. can already meet half of its climate commitments under the Paris Agreement by 2025.


The report, States, cities and businesses leading the way: a first look at decentralized climate commitments in the US, was conducted by the Climate Group, NewClimate Institute and CDPdata. And it quantifies the actions currently being taken within states, cities and businesses to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


Helen Clarkson, Chief Executive Officer of The Climate Group said: “U.S. states, cities and businesses are not waiting for the U.S. federal government to make its position clear on Paris. This new report clearly highlights their unwavering commitment to climate leadership. Importantly, it shows us that climate action is not solely dependent on the actions of national government. U.S. states, cities and businesses have the power to mitigate the consequences of a full Paris pull out.”


The report shows that large states such as New York, California and Colorado are making the largest contribution to greenhouse gas reductions. However, cities have more ambitious reduction targets – with an average of 22% reduction between 2015 and 2025. Businesses currently have the steepest targets, aiming for a 25% reduction in the next 10 years.


California Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr, said: “Cities, states and businesses are stepping up and taking action to reduce the threat of catastrophic climate change.”


That’s definitely a reason to be optimistic.


What can you do to make an impact?

Solving climate change starts with the belief that we can.