Solving climate change? It’s in our nature

Research has shown shows that making the crucial emissions reductions we need to solve climate change is in our nature – our forests, farmland and wetlands to be specific…


The research, conducted by The Nature Conservancy and 15 other institutions, found that nature-based solutions could help deliver a third of the reductions necessary to keep global temperature increases under 2°C.


The study showed that the greatest potential came from our trusted friend, the humble tree. In fact, a mixture of reforestation, avoiding forest loss, and better forestry practices could cost-effectively remove 7 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide a year by 2030. That’s the same as taking an incredible 1.5 billion cars off the road.


“Today our impacts on the land cause a quarter of greenhouse gas emissions,” said Mark Tercek, CEO of The Nature Conservancy. “The way we manage the lands in the future could deliver 37% of the solution to climate change. So if we’re serious about climate change, then we’re going to have to get serious about investing in nature.”


So why should we be optimistic? Well, the study shows natural climate solutions can do even more than we previously thought. In fact, they could help reduce 23.8 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions per year – that’s almost a third more than we previously estimated.


And if that wasn’t enough, many of these natural climate solutions have additional benefits for people and planet too, such as water filtration, improved soil health, and habitat protection.


So let’s not forget nature’s role in tackling climate change. Alongside renewable energy, energy efficiency and clean transport, natural climate solutions can help us turn the tide on climate change.


After all, Mother Nature knows best.