Climate Optimist Sheroes

We are shining a light on all the amazing women who know that we must, we can and we will solve climate change!

Over the next 10 days we’ll be posting inspirational climate optimist’s quotes from female role models who have inspired us and the campaign. And we’d love your help.



Why this focus on women? Because empowering women is one of the top solutions to climate change.

In his wonderful book Drawdown, author Paul Hawken writes that “if universal education in low- and lower-middle-income countries can be achieved. It could result in 59.6 gigatons of emissions reduced by 2050.” That’s a lot of carbon. All saved by educating women. Because educated women have higher incomes, smaller families, manage the land more efficiently and are much healthier. All which saves carbon.

Like the awesome energy entrepreneurs of Empower Generation in Nepal. All women, trained to set up their own businesses selling mini solar panels, enough to power a lightbulb or charge a mobile phone.

I was working in a food packaging factory, working long hours and earning very little. I felt like I was swimming in a tiny well. Now I am swimming in the ocean. I have ambitions and there are possibilities for me.

​Basanti Chaudhary

And the 1 Million Women project, helping women across the world make the everyday decisions that can change everything for the climate.

How we live each day matters. One small action at a time multiplied by millions and millions changes the system

Natalie Isaacs

There are so many women who inspire us. Women of vision and of action. Optimists sharing their belief in a better future, and taking action to make that a reality. From global stateswomen to entrepreneurs to all of us, doing little things every day. Millions of sheroes who know that hope beats fear.



A big climate conference has just started in the city of Bonn in Germany – with the snappy name of COP23. We’ll be following the sheroes there working on saving our climate:

C40’s Women in Climate initiative, who are working out how climate change will impact women, and how to leverage the power of women to change things.

The Women and Gender constituency – an umbrella group for lots of women’s organisations across the world. With some strong demands for what the governments at COP23 should do.

And the official group for the UN on women and climate – highlighting the women who are really making a difference.

We want to give a big shout out to the female climate optimists in Bonn and across the world!

Please share your reason for optimism, help us shine a light on the amazing optimistic women and encourage every women you know to Opt In!



Solitaire Townsend

Co-founder of Climate Optimist