Activist Optimist
Family Optimist
Fun Optimist
Healthy Optimist
Homely Optimist
Working Optimist
Put your money where your mouth is. Take action every time you open your wallet by making informed conscious shopping choices.
Transition together. Step up to the big challenges by starting local. Come together and crowd source solutions.
Start ‘em young. Instil environmental values from the beginning and be an activist through schools, colleges and universities
Invest in a greener future. If your money could talk what would it say? Make sure your investments are doing the right thing, for a better future.
Never stop learning. Stay informed on the latest climate action and follow the UNFCCC.
Get your voice out there. Start your own blog, or join a platform and start sharing your views.
Make it political. Write to your local politician and voice your opinion. Loud, proud and optimistic!
P-R-O-T-E-S-T! Take your optimism to the street. Campaign against climate change.
Make your mark. Take action on global, regional and national issues. Sign your name to petitions and make change happen.
Make it your business. Can’t find the right role for you? Then create it by setting up a social enterprise yourself.
B the change. Challenge your employer to get B Corp certified – and make sustainability their business.
Get a sustainable job. Work in sustainability and fill your 9–5 with purpose.
Be a carpool karaoke star. Carpool on your way to work. Karaoke optional.
Try a different way to work. Bike, bus, boat, blimp – give the car a swerve and take another route to work
Make a good job of it. Work takes a lot of your time. So make sure your employer’s giving back to the planet in return.
Make it grow. Whether you get your hands dirty or simply donate, you can help make sure more trees get planted.
Recycle and upcycle. Tired of your tops? Jeans got you jaded? Breathe new life into your closet without buying new clothes.
Grow your own. From vegetables to spices, fruits to chickens, turn your backyard into one really convenient supermarket.
Get rid of the excess. Live the minimalist life and find a new sense of freedom.
Fill your shopping bag with good. Become a shopping superstar. Learn what goes in to your products and make informed, better decisions.
Waste less, give more. Put potential waste to good use. Give your to-be-throwaways to local kitchens and feed the community.
Love local. Choose locally sourced, sustainable food.
Care and share. Get involved with a community-owned energy programme and help generate renewable energy awareness.
Make your home a saving haven. Reduce how much energy you use and save from the comfort of your couch.
Switch it up. Change over to carbon-free sources of energy and discover more about green alternatives.
Vote for the future. Say yes to climate action. Easy peasy.
Make playtime count. Kids always on their iPhone? Stimulate play time with climate action games.
Shape the world with a story. Share your story and help the world engage with climate change in a personal way.
Show ‘em what you’re made of. Join a campaign and inspire the world to take action on climate change.
Let Al Gore tell you the score. Check out An Inconvenient Sequel for all your climate change needs.
Check your ethics. Make informed, thoughtful decisions about clothing and discover brands doing the right thing.
Be a revolutionary fashionista. Ask your favourite brand "who made my clothes?" and create a fairer, more sustainable fashion industry.
Do more. Do Nation. Pledge to making a small change in your life and help create happy, healthier, more sustainable world.
Love it again. Moving house or looking for a change? Forget buying new, and give pre-loved things a brand spanking new home.
Be a trainspotter. Change up the way you travel. Leave your car on the curb and give train travel a try.
Be a carpool karaoke star. Cut pollution and congestion by sharing your car with a pal. Maybe sing a tune or two.
Ride on wheels of glory. Forget public transport for a day and cycle to work. Get fit and show some love to the environment.
Run the way to change. Leave your car at home, pick up your sneakers and run your way to cleaner air and a happier planet.
Make every step count. More walking means cleaner air, healthier people and a happier planet.
Eat your greens. Reduce your carbon footprint by cutting down on meat.