The Team

With names like these on our side, we have every reason to be optimistic.



Futerra runs on optimism. We were founded in 2001 on the belief that to create a better world first you must imagine one. This ethos is captured in our motto IMAGINE BETTER.

We’ve been communicating, researching and working on climate action for 16 years. And we learnt early on that pessimism and guilt fail to motivate the change we urgently need. And doom isn’t destiny. Every day we meet people across the world already solving climate challenges; inventing, transforming, and making a difference in small and large ways. They inspired this Climate Optimist campaign. And we really hope you choose to join them.

Our Biography.

Futerra is a change agency, wielding the logic of sustainability strategy and the magic of creativity to change the world. With nearly 70 Futerrans working in London, Stockholm, New York and Mexico City we’ve proven that positivity is a great business plan. From the world’s biggest brands, to governments and communities, we help make sustainability work. We’re a certified B-corp, majority female owned, fiercely independent and incredibly proud of this campaign.



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The Climate Group


As founding partners of the Climate Optimist campaign, we believe that climate change is the defining topic of our era and solving the challenge starts with the belief that we can.  Political action, business innovation, new investment and global transformation all become possible when we believe in change.

At The Climate Group, we are seeing an unstoppable force of climate action globally. In the private sector, we’ve seen a record number of global companies commit to sourcing 100% renewable power as part of our RE100 campaign, run in partnership with CDP. Together, they are now creating enough electricity demand to power New York State.

A growing number of companies are committing to bold energy productivity improvements as part of our EP100 program, which have the potential to significantly reduce costs and emissions.

The commitment we are seeing from businesses in the uptake of electric vehicles and the deployment of energy efficient LED lighting systems – ranked as the number one energy efficiency priority action for US cities – is further evidence of the value of climate optimism.

The climate leadership of state and regional governments has never been more vital and we are seeing a redoubling of efforts. For example, the Under2 Coalition, for which The Climate Group acts as Secretariat, now includes over 170 jurisdictions that are committed to tackling climate change.


By joining forces with Futerra on this campaign, and through our work with businesses, states and regions, our aim is to help create a cleaner, better, more prosperous future for all.



At Mars, we’re optimistic because we’ve got science on our side. We employed the latest science-based methods to find out our entire carbon footprint, and how much we need to reduce it by to help keep global warming in check. And on September 6, 2017, we set a goal to cut our footprint by 27% by 2025 and by two-thirds by 2050.

So, how are we going to make this happen? We’re investing in breakthrough scientific solutions to make the planet healthier, like cutting-edge farming practices and clean, renewable electricity in several countries around the world. We’re working with our farmers, suppliers, other businesses to find new solutions to climate change. We’ve even mapped the cacao genome to help farmers increase their yields!

By working sustainably and making sure all the raw materials we need can withstand climate change, we make sure that our business and everyone who makes our products possible – our farmers, our suppliers – can thrive. And we will preserve a world for future generations and be the enduring, successful business we want to be.



DivestInvest is a diverse, global network of individual and organisations united in the belief that by using our collective influence as investors to divest from fossil fuels and invest in climate solutions, we can accelerate the transition to a zero-carbon economy. In this way, we are supporting the agreement made by governments in Paris at COP21 and protecting our own investment returns.

We’ll only solve climate change by moving quickly from fossil fuels to clean energy. Investors face an historic opportunity to capitalise on the transition and help governments meet their climate promises. To date, financial assets under management worth more than $5.5 trillion have been pledged to sell off fossil fuels. Technological progress is a cause of real optimism for investors.

Whether you represent an organisation or you’re an individual, anyone can DivestInvest – find out how at



Ashden is a charity that champions and supports sustainable energy leaders who are transforming lives and tackling climate change in the UK and across the globe. Our rigorous annual Awards scheme uncovers the best in sustainable energy and showcases their potential to influential audiences. Uniquely we continue to work with our winners after they have won to help them scale up their work and share their learning with others.  

We believe that sustainable energy can have a transformative impact on individual lives and worldwide. As well as being essential to tackling climate change, it also improves health and well-being, increases education opportunities and boosts local economies.

VF Corp


We know we’re not alone.

From the 193 countries who signed the Paris Accord to the 105 companies globally committed to going 100 percent renewable alongside us, millions of people are dedicated to finding solutions to climate change. They give us the confidence that we can solve this together.

At VF Corp, we’re committed to doing everything we can as a leader in the apparel and footwear industries to limit our contribution to climate change. And we want to inspire others to do the same.

By combining our business mindset with the science-based targets sustainability demands, we will show that big business can be successful financially and good for the planet.

A significant portion of our sustainability efforts are focused on reducing our carbon footprint in support of the target outlined in the global Paris Climate Agreement. As a member of RE100, we have a goal to source 100% electricity from renewable sources in the facilities we own and operate by 2025.

We also advocate for strong climate action and policies at the state, national and international level.



We’re climate optimists because we believe it’s possible to take back our climate.

We’re convinced this will begin by changing how we think about what’s possible. Our mission, Climate Take Back, is to stop thinking about how to limit the damage caused by climate change, and start thinking about how to create a climate fit for life. It starts with believing that we can.

Climate experts and emerging business leaders think the same. This year we asked them: ‘is it possible to take back our climate?’ Their responses were surprising and hopeful: 95% of climate experts and 91% of emerging business leaders believe we can create a climate fit for life.

Fuelled by their hope and optimism, we’ve started to act, by building a map for how, within the boundaries of our business, we can achieve this. We’re excited to add our most recent proof point – our Proof Positive carbon-negative carpet tile prototype. The prototype proves that by approaching materials sourcing and manufacturing differently, it’s possible to create products with the potential to reduce greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

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